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5/11/18                                                             Lauvan&Aaron

           Week 9 Engineering Notebook

Today, we were going to finish building our claw-bot, but we had to stop for now and practice for our upcoming SolidWorks exam. I heard from another student, if you pass the Exam, Mr.Martin will recover the zeros we had, and change them into in "A," I don't know of that's true, but I will pass the certification for a major grade because I'm can't, and won't fail this quarter with an "F." I wanna leave Principles of Engineering with a good or decent grade.
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5/7/2018                                                       Lauvan&Aaron

Week 9 Engineering Notebook

Today we are currently building our claw, and We still need help coding. The figure 8 is a bit of a challenge, I have a feeling we won't get through that if we don't have a clue on how to code. I want to pass this quarter so I can take the next step to Engineering. The challenges are getting tough every year, and I like challenges. I love working with robots and computers. We are almost done with building our robot, I was going to finish building my robot on Solidworks, but that's been due, and there is no make up for that assignment
5/3/18                                                         Lauvan&Aaron

Week 8 Engineering Notebook

Today, we didn't finish making our robot on SolidWorks, and doing the figure 8. I hope we finish for a grade because I really need it. We had to remove some of the parts on our robot because the wheels were loose. It is a bit frustrating for us to do that, but we need the grade and help bad. I don't know how to code nor Aaron. We are currently almost done. We need help with coding like really bad. I want to pass this class with at least a "D." The grades I'm getting are unacceptable, and I'm giving it all I got to pass this class.
4/27/18                                                        Lauvan&Aaron

Week 7 Engineering Notebook

Today we didn't finish our coding, but I got all the pieces and parts on Vex robotics, and I'm gonna finish building the robot probably next class, but it won't be easy because I have to look at the claw-bot model from every angle and modify it before I build it. We are not done, Aaron is having a bit of difficulty doing the figure 8 while I'm done gathering the parts on Vex robotics to build the robot. It won't be easy, but I'm currently failing that class and I need to step up fast before the 4th quarter ends. I'll try my best to come today and finish the robot on SolidWorks, meanwhile I need to focus on what's ahead of me, not the past.
4/12/18                                                          Lauvan&Aaron

Week 6 Engineering Notebook

Today we tried doing the figure 8, but the robot kept failing and failing, we tried rearranging the coding, but it wouldn't work. So we tried gathering some of the coding information from other group who is close to being successful to see if it'd work, it wouldn't be done doing the figure 8. The robot on SolidWorks is not done yet, but we are having a bit of trouble finding the parts  on "3D central," instead we ask other people who's doing claw-bot for their 3D content parts. I was hoping we can make it up one more time, but unfortunately we can't, but we have a lot of assignments left to boost our grade up instead of slacking and falling behind. Most of the assignments we got a "0" on was because we didn't do it or we didn't get it done, I've tried my best to get some assignments done, but it's a bit complicated to get…
4/17/18                                                          Lauvan&Aaron

Week 6 Engineering Notebook

We are done coding, but we're not done finishing doing our figure 8. Aaron happens to remove some pieces because there was a problem with the motor. The only thing we didn't do as for right now is finish creating our robot on SolidWorks. We are gonna finish the crane on Thursday, hoping to get a decent grade even though we didn't finish. Aaron is There was a problem with the motor, it kept spinning round and round and he found out the motor was the problem. I did the coding and some of the parts on Solidworks.
4/13/18                                                        Lauvan&Aaron

Week 5 Engineering Notebook

We didn't get to finish our robot because Aaron was focusing on coding, and rearranging the robot, while I was making the whole blog, and finding the pieces for our robot on Solidworks. Finding these pieces on 3D ContentCentral is kinda bothersome, but we needed to find it as quick as we could to get the grade. We took an "L," but it's ok because we got some of the work done, better than nothing. I didn't expect for us not to finish because we were having a bit of a hard time finding the pieces on 3D central and coding. 4th quarter is the quarter I'm looking forward to get a good grade and pass this class and move on to the next step in Engineering. We weren't horsing around or etc, but we has a bit of communication problems going on around. Our blog is due today along with our robot on Solidworks.